Hi, I’m Tony,  Longshot Lucky – same as You.   Whether you have landed here intentionally or at random, whether you are a fellow, read that “curious,” time & space traveler, a kindred spirit, or simply a coerced friend or family member, I do hope you’ll look around.   Please note that my talented, modest, to a fault, wife and life partner Hessie (after the application of some considerable pressure) has joined me on what is now our overlook.   As those of you who have visited lately already know, the views from this site have been greatly enriched by her wise and evocative perspectives. 


NEWs FLASH: Hessie has recently published her critically acclaimed memoir, “The Once Was A Girl:  My Philadelphia Story.”
It is available on Amazon in paperback or as a Kindle book.
For 50+ years Hessie and I have partnered on a variety of projects, most importantly: making our way in this world; begetting, raising and caring for our children as best we knew how, and lately,  as adoring and all-knowing grandparents. When I first met Hessie, I posed as an engineering student pretending to be an artistic type (or was it the other way around ? – probably both).     I showed her pretty face  some of my artwork (if it wasn’t very good, it was in my Physics Book which  I correctly surmised might prejudice her favorably – bingo).
Ironically, it didn’t take long before I  was forced to realize that she has as much or more talent than I in many matters, than  including some creative (she is a much better painter than I for sure) and technical (she is  generally more handy, and is the one who’ll read and understand an instruction manual,  or at least remember where I’ve misplaced it).
Unlike many bigger, better known flash in the pan personalities/egos,  Hessie’s career in “pictures” began back in the deep trough of the last century.  After disappointing some by not seeking a Hollywood career, she began as our unpaid (no-budget)  film ingenue.  She doubled as our tirelessly competent editor.  Her achievements included than once making something from nothing scraps found on the cutting room floor.  Since those early days success has followed her down a long mirrored hall as she’s gracefully evolved into our  one-take-only world travel diva, and my most (only) trusted video pre-release  critic. 
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Non-commercial downloads? Sure, but since (as opposed to Hessie) I live for hits (a slight exaggeration), attribution would be nice. Please be kind.  Everything on this site is original and copyrighted.  Spammers, life is too short, your hits I do night need or want.  Want to leave a comment? Questions? Ideas?  All fine. You can do so on the site or email us tony@guidaproductions.com
or hessie@guidaproductions.com  We’d like to hear from you, especially if you  find something here that resonates.  No faint praise, dutiful or otherwise please.
Do come by again if you are so inclined.  I am sentimental enough to sometimes enjoy reunions, the good ones anyway. 
 Sincerely,  Tony 
(Longshot Lucky same as You)   
P.S.  I would like to again thank intergalactic Pro Joshua Gelwicks of NoDeadEnd for launching weighty us  and some of our stuff out into these cosmic fields…spatial ethers…ultra gravity horizons…seminal cyberwhatevers.