Hessie’s Travel Journals

Hessie, in addition to starring as the one-take-wonder video diva of our travel videos often writes a trip journal for the purpose of memorializing and sharing our experiences.  Along with her easy to read, engaging and informative descriptions (“I felt as though I was there with you” is a typical of the feedback she has gotten),  Hessie will  embed some of our best trip photos.  Her journal entries have previously been published serially to small group of interested friends and acquaintances.  Now, at my urging (as usual) Hessie has agreed to let me reissue them (sometimes with more of our pictures) so  you/others can “join us.”  To access a journal, click below on the title of the Journal.  Note that larger journals are presented in sequenced, titled parts, so if you like you can go directly to a section of particular interest.  Bon voyage.

Australia-New Zealand 2010

Part 1: Arrival In Sidney,   Part 2: Sidney, 1st Full Day,   Part 3: Last Sidney Sights,   Part 4: Cairns,   Part 5: Great Barrier Reef,   Part 6: Daintree Rainforest,   Part 7: Kata Tjuta,   Part 8: Uluru (Ayres Rock),    Part 9: Adelaide Friends,   Part 10: Adelaide,    Part 11: Victor Harbour,    Part 12: Great Ocean Road,   Part 13: Melbourne,   Part 14: Christchurch-Queenstown,   Part 15: Milford Sound – Queenstown,   Part 16: Auckland and home

Brazil 2008Our trip began with our arrival in Manaus,  incongruous capital of the Brazilian state of Amazonas.  We had just enough time to get a sense of this storied city, once the rubber capital of the world, before boarding  the beautifully engineered and appointed Iberostar Amazon  for a luxurious cruise on the remote River Negro that ended with its confluence with the mighty Amazon.  Back in Manaus we flew on our own to Rio De Janeiro  for a beach front stay overlooking  in classy Ipanema.  

China, Including Tibet, October 2011   [under construction]

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4  Part:5    Part 6: Over The Himalayas Part 7:  Lasha, Our 1st Full Day,     Part 8: More Lhasa; Need O2,   Part 9: Chongqing,   Part 10 : Yangtze Day 1,   Part 11: Thru The Gorges,   Part 12: The Three Gorges High Dam,     Part 13: Old Beijing,   Part 14: Beijing – Home

Cuba & South Florida February 2015

Part 1: Miami To Cuba, Part 2: Cienfuegos – Trinidad,  Part 3: Heroes, Music  Y Mas,  Part 4: Bay Of Pigs Revisited, Arrival In Havana, Part 5: Old Town & More Mas,    Part 6: More Metro Havana Highlights,   Part 7: Hasta Luego Cuba,   Part 8: South Florida

India, February-March 2011

Part 1: Arrival In Delhi, Part 2: More Delhi Sights/Sites,  Part 3: Holy Cow! Varanasi,   Part 4: Sunrise on the Ganges, Then Timeless Khajuraho,   Part 5: Medieval Orchha Enroute To Agra,   Part 6: The Taj Mahal and the Agra Fort,  Part 7: “Hunting Tigers” In Ranthambore,”  Part 8: Our Best Game Drive,    Part 9: Hello “Pink City”   Part 10: Jaipur Sights,  Part 11: Jaipur- Gleaming Udaipur,  Part 12: More Udaipur,    Part 13: Mumbai,    Part 14 : Kerala, South India,   Part 15: Lake Vembanad Back To The End

Panama Canal Cruise (Fort Lauderdale – San Diego) 2014Along the way we gawked at not only the Canal but Columbia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and (two stops) Mexico.

Portugal & France 2013

Part 1:Delightful Lisbon,  Part 2: Portugal Auto Loop,  Part 3: Part 3: Beaulieu-sur-Mer & The Riviera

Scandinavia 2002  

South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Botswana October – November 2014

Part 1: NYC-Capetown ,  Part 2: Cape Peninsula,  Part3: Table Mountain – Capetown,   Part 4: Last Day In Capetown ,   Part 5: Hunting for Hippos, Part 6: Our 1st Game Preserve & Swaziland,   Part 7: Kruger Park, Then “God’s Window” To Jo’burg ,   Part 8: Soweto and Other Jo’Burg Sites,    Part 9: Zimbabwe – Victoria Falls,    Part 10: Botswana, Chobe  and Home

Ukraine, September-October 2007