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   Hessie’s  Poetry
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 #27 – March 27, 1986     35th Class Reunion    A Calling    A Random Chant    A Record Low    All Grown Up     Anticipation    As My Father’s Daughter    Celebrate    Celebration    What I Don’t About Daffodils   DearTony-70    Frank    From Our Woods At Night    General Intake
Going Out For Dinner On Saturday Night    Goodbye    Grandpeople   Haiku    Happy Birthday To You Gail   justmoved       Love Poem    Made To Last    Metamorphosis    My Brother’s Last Visit   My Cracked     Heart    Nice Hats Ladies    On My Way To Work    Recapturing the Night   Rosalita    Saturday Night At Rod’s    Slow Season   Some Fall Evenings    Some Observations On Southern California    Summer 1988 Talking To The Snow while Running In Place    Tango Dream    Tender Spots    The Amazing Drakes    The Big #70   The First Night    The Vacation    The Visitors    Thirty Years Ago    To Mommy    To Sarah And Rebekah    Two Little Girls Jumping On The Bed    View From The Fourth Floor    Wait For Me    Walking Lonely As A Person    Water Colors    Windows    Working On Your Feet
 Tony’s “Pomes”
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Shimmerings & Fate

One day ~25 years after I moved from Upper Manhattan to  Pennsylvania, I was in North Jersey consulting.  Since I was finished by  early afternoon, I went with an “indecisive feeling” and  crossed back over the George Washington Bridge, the same bridge that I had sometimes biked across as a kid.   I went to the apartment house where I had grown up – also to the overlook at Fort Tryon Park – lately Cloisters Park.  That time traveling visit produced Alien (and a very similar monologue in  my short story Merchant Marines Coming And Going); plus Last Stand at Fort Tryon. 
Commuting With Nietzsche
Once I had a job that sometimes took me to center-city Philadelphia.  It was about a one hour commute.  Since I didn’t often take work home or along if I could avoid it, I had time to read if I took the train, time think and wonder at the existential world going by.  One of the books I read was Neitzsche’s Thus Spake Zarathustra.  I knew how the murderous gangster Nazis had posthumously claimed Neitzsche as an inspiration.  I wanted not to like him or his book.  I didn’t.  But I realized that, same as me, this audacious, probable  mental case was just another commuter passing through the “comic station hanger.”
Canoeing With My Son
Life Was Warm In A World Adorned
My high forceps birth, ouch, might’ve gone something like this.
Fancy, The Wisps Of Regal Clouds 
A testosterone tale with a happy ending, lucky me indeed.  
Night Rises In An Eastern Heaven
My oldest surviving poem.  For years it’s journeyed  with me toward the sunset.    
She Lingered Just Behind The Shaded Sill
Ma I Met This Girl, I Said
Cracking The Goddess (“Emergency” C-Section)
Rosalie Goodbye
O Cynara
Snow Boulders
My House Is Almost Finished
Homage To A Gray Star
Images Of Swans
Loved One
My Daughter’s Graduation
House For Sale
Her Pretty Little Garden Wall For Example, My Version
Golden, Still Holding Flowers
Father In Profile, Abstracted

Imagined Lives 


Cathedral Of Dejected Trees
A Videographer’s Travel Outtakes For An Open Reading
Listen All Bar Music Turns To Ow
Rented Windows
Jerk (Back In Town Infantile And Neurasthenic)
Sheiks…SHEEKS (Love & The Betrayals, Etc.)
Harlem Transit In Dad’s ’36 DeSoto
These Homeless Here
No Chat Just Off East Main (Head Game In A Border State)
What Predawn Instinct Or Intelligence
Joey B And Some Redhead
Man Of Inaction, No Real Plan
Yesterday’s News In A Smallish Market
Toward Closing His Account, Cashing Out: A Trial Balance
Assassination Day

Once Remembered Dreams


 Blue Mountain  (The Ridge In Winter)
Quiet Interruptus (Anticipation)
Longshot Winners All
It’s A Regular Life (Camcorder)
Sleeping With The Old Dog Up
Susquehanna Fog
Trying To Bench A Personal Best While Waiting...
Enchanted Evenings
Last Stand At Fort Tryon
Oblate Moon
Routine Business Trip
Since You Know One  Thing…Explain Me That
The Days Are Three And Come To Naught

Postings From The Field


After Raking
Caribbean Beach
Paradise Island
Mid-September At The Beach
Expedition To The Back Country
Memo From Moscow
Naked Nearing Antarctica
Philadelphia Bridge
Predicting The Big One
Caribbean Beach
Spirits Of The Argentine
Marina Beach, Once Again…An Upper Floor, The Other View
A Mischlinger 1st Or 2nd Degree’s Still Ranting On The Train
Last Thursday One November
Down Right North Of Atlanta Is Downright Close Enough
Sometimes It Snows In Early June
And So It Goes: A Thru Z 
Cancelled Trip
Journeys’ End