a.d. Guida Video Productions is the has been the nom de guerre of our video company for >15 years.  “‘Our” refers to  old “a. d.” himself (tony to you) + (…well, adjectives fail) the real deal Hessie.

tony formed “The Split Level Underground” in 1969.  Our three earliest  films.  They have been restored, digitalized and converted to video.  Please see below.

Hessie has progressed from winsome film  ingénue and hardworking film editing mom (whose specialty, when she wasn’t seducing a camera, was literally finding films on the cutting room floor) to lately become our “one-take (that’s all she often gets – or needs) wonder” Travel Diva and bubby.”

To enjoy (I do hope so) our films and videos click on the thumbnail link at the bottom of this page.  It will take you to our channel on Youtube.  The number of videos so far of videos uploaded to youtube is 64.   Some of these videos included in youtube playlists.   Alternatives to going directly to Youtube are either to click on the playlist’s name in blue below or on the subcategory shown to the right under of this Video page.  The playlists:

From The Deep End Of The Pool

OKOKOKMAN, Impasse, & The Last Time I Saw Cynara are the titles of aforementioned short original films that Hessie and I created with primitive equipment between 1970 and 1972  Cynara was uploaded in two parts only because of conditions imposed at the time.  If you are interested in the big finish to our mediation on lust, love and longing, or would like to see our travel diva in her memorable break in role as an alluring late 20th C ingenue, Part 2 should not be missed.

Ma,…I Heard The Trolley Bells  Thinking of Anna on the  100th anniversary of my beautiful ma’s birth, I had to do this.

A Taste Of Jewish Music (From The Pale & Well Beyond) Traditional & historical Jewish Music is sung by coloratura soprano Lois Samet to piano accompaniment. Her accompanying narrative and personal visual perspectives provide a context for her stirring virtuoso performance even more evocative.

Susquehanna Fog is a visualization of my poem of the same name.

World Wide Travel

China – And How!  The video clips cover our adventures in China and Tibet in late 2011.

Cuba Now (2015)

India  Wow! The video clips cover our adventures as we traveled around India in early 2011.

South American Odyssey.  The video clips cover our 2005 trip  around South America from Buenos Aires to  Santiago and the Andes beyond.

And Lots More –  Also, there are quite a few videos not included in playlists.  They cover a variety of subjects such as Philadelphia’s long anti graffiti campaign that has produced thousands of terrific outdoor murals, Warsaw Poland back from the ashes, beautiful traditional buildings  and busy streets competing for one’s attention in Phnom Pehn Cambodia, a drought ending  hailstorm in Melbourne, live coverage of candidate Barack Obama events, etc.